Funny Pages – Asses of the Internet!

Today we learn, all you need to be famous on the internet is to be an Ass, show your ass or be a smart ass.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From farm animals, to pioneers of the greatest possible sexual escapades. Today’s featured front page videos prove it’s easy to be a viral video maker, as long as you’ve for the right stuff.. and show it.


UCB Comedy  – Dick Stuck In Faucet (NSFW)

A sexual pioneer takes time during a sticky situation to explain the pros and cons and heroism of men who questions  “Can I put my Dick in it?” You’ll laugh you’ll cry, you’ll probably try to turn your head to look away. But mostly you’ll be left with the thought “Can I… can I really put my dick in it?”


Quick Brake from Break – Donkey Fart Interrupts News Interview



Youtube – Kids React to Numa Numa


On the home of funny cats falling their faces the Fine Brothers put out a new episode of ‘Kids React to Viral Videos’, Taking the old Bill Cosby formula and throwing their new media spin on it, the doctors, lawyers and kings of our futures speak out about the viral video – Numa Numa guy. Don’t they just say the darndest things?


You now know what kids think when you act like an ass on the internet. So Do more of it!


Funny Or Die – Forcin' The Blues with Jeff Daniels

Over at Funny or Die, the gang brings on Jeff Daniels to play an old sketch comedy game we’ve all come to know, called ‘Worst Blank Ever’.. in this case Jeff Daniels takes on the roll of Worst Blues Musician Ever. This is a pretty over played gag in the sketch comedy world and just throwing a celebrity into it, doesn’t make it better. However the back ground cast of Seth Myers, Colton Dunn, Michael Cassidy at least hold it together long enough to be barely. But it’s no surprise this *featured video has a mere almost 9000 views. The sketch does take a M. Night Shamala-ding-dong turn that actually almost saves it. Almost.




Finally over at FJ, one lone kid proves that all you need to achieve front page fame, is a transparent gif with a clever message. .. Go on, drag it… click and move it off the black background to receive your amazing message or amazingness.


That’s the funny for today June 28th, proving that you and only you can be the king of the internet if you apply yourself… or show the world your ass.