Respawn Entertainment Teases First Game

Some game teases are getting out of control. Take this one for instance.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Vince Zampella and Jason West in regards to their freshly formed studio, Respawn Entertainment. For the people who may have forgotten, Respawn was formed in the wake of Zampella and West being fired from Infinity Ward for insubordination. They packed up their bags, or picked them up from the curb rather, and started a new business venture with EA Games in their corner (although they're still locked in a heated lawsuit with Activision). So it’s understandable that Respawn pretty much vanished from the mainstream media’s attention for quite some time — they had to start a company from scratch, mind you.

But now they’ve resurfaced, parading around a shiny new website and the first teaser image for their upcoming game. A teaser image that is definitely a head scratcher.


Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your computer screen. The above blurry image is what Respawn released for a first taste of their upcoming gaming project. Good luck deciphering it. I imagine that’s what my grandfather sees when he removes his glasses, or it’s the worst case of beer goggles ever, in which case, she’s pretty hot, dude.

What do you make of the above image? Is Respawn’s first title a fantasy game? A sci-fi game? A sci-fi fantasy game? Or is it something completely different? Speculate away in our comments section.