Limbo Comes to PS3 and PC

The critically acclaimed downloadable game comes to Sony’s online platform and Steam.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


For roughly a year now, Playdead Studios has reassured us that their critically acclaimed hit Limbo would remain an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive for all of eternity. But promises are meant to be broken, as Playdead has made it official today: Limbo is coming to the PS3 and PC very soon.

The news comes via the official PlayStation twitter account, saying:

“Playdead founder @DinoPatti confirms that their masterpiece LIMBO is heading to PSN in July. More details next week!”

This should be exciting news for the PlayStation crowd that has yet to play Playdead’s cryptic, monochrome masterpiece. The game has been showered with praise since it first released last year during Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade event. Even our own Alex Keen couldn’t control himself from gushing over the title in his Limbo Review. Here’s an excerpt from his write-up that should put into perspective how good Limbo is.

“So far I have spent a lot of time with games on the Xbox Live Arcade. Hands down, Limbo is one of the best, if not the best game in the history of the platform. I give it my highest recommendation – you cannot go wrong with this game.”

As the official tweet says, expect more news about Limbo’s transition to PS3 and Steam next week. Maybe Playdead can even include some new features to make the year long wait worth it.