Starz Cancels ‘Camelot’

The cable network declines to renew the Arthurian drama for a second season.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier today, Starz ensured that Jamie Campbell Bower's incarnation of King Arthur will never reach the Battle of Camlann.

According to Deadline, Starz has declined to renew "Camelot" for a second season, after launching the Arthurian inspired series earlier this year. Starz reportedly cited scheduling conflicts with some of the actors attached to the series, which was filmed in Ireland.

Bower starred as the nascent king, Arthur Pendragon, with Eva Green as his duplicitous half-sister, Morgan. Tamsin Egerton also starred in the series as Guinevere, with Claire Forlani as Arthur's birth mother, Queen Igraine and Joseph Fiennes as Merlin.

"Camelot" was sharply criticized by some critics for taking several liberties with the source material, including Merlin's accidental murder of a young girl named Excalibur to claim Arthur's legendary sword and turning Arthur himself into a Lancelot-like figure who lusted after Guinevere, the wife of his champion, Leontes (Philip Winchester).

Other ludicrous changes included Morgan's right hand slave girl, Vivian (Chipo Chung) and Sinéad Cusack's bizarre turn as the evil nun, Sybil; who mentored Morgan in the use of her supernatural powers.

The season finale found Morgan's schemes revealed, Leontes and Igraine dead and King Arthur sleeping with his sister, Morgan; who had used magic to disguise herself as Guinevere. That last part is actually from the Arthurian myth, so the writers can't be blamed for that twist. That would have led to their son, Mordred and Arthur's eventual demise at Camlann.

The amazing thing is that ratings were on an upward climb during the last few episodes of the season, with the finale bringing in 1.5 million viewers across multiple airings. However, those numbers were below those of Starz' signature hit series, "Spartacus: Gods of The Arena" and "Spartacus: Blood and Sand."

In theory, another network could pick up "Camelot" and give it a new home. But given the expense of a period drama like this, that seems highly unlikely.

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