Submitted for Your Approval: A Rod Serling Biopic

The Twilight Zone creator gets his own movie. Twist Ending: He was actually a cookbook the whole time.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Rod Serling led a pretty damned interesting life. From fighting in the Philippines in World War II to changing television forever to writing some of the most iconic stories of the 20th century, he's been ripe for a movie biography for decades. Heck, I have my own treatment for one kicking around this computer somewhere. Now it appears that filmmaker Andrew Meieran has acquired the rights to do so, and he's hired frequent Oliver Stone collaborator Stanely Weister (Wall Street, W) to pen the screenplay. Deadline had the original story.

Serling got his start writing teleplays for such acclaimed TV movies as Requiem for a Heavyweight, The Comedian and Patterns before launching his own television series, The Twilight Zone. A critical and ratings success, it nevertheless faced constant threat of cancelation, often suffering budget cutbacks and other backstage blows that regularly endangered the popular production. Many of the Serling-written episodes, like A Quality of Mercy and The Bard, tell stories with a direct correlation to the man's own experiences. A Quality of Mercy told the story of a soldier in the Philippines in World War II who finds himself in the body of one of his Japanese enemies. The Bard, a later episode of the series, told the story of a writer who channeled the ghost of William Shakespeare himself, only to find his work butchered by television executives. You don't have to be a high-paid film critic to find the subtext in that.

Andrew Meieran is as yet an unknown quantity as a filmmaker. His first feature, Highland Park (starring Danny Glover and Parker Posey) is still in post-production. He has a background in real estate, so at least the Rod Serling biopic will have good location, location, location-scouting.

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