Klitschko vs. Haye

The unanimous decision was that the fight was not as exciting as some had hoped.

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Klitschko vs. Haye

The heavyweight division's most important fight in nearly 6 years took place on Saturday night in Hamburg, Germany as heavyweight champ, Wladimir Klitschko(56-3, 49KOs) took on the brash talking former cruiserweight champ , David Haye (25-2, 23KOs). This fight has been on the radar for nearly three years when Haye officially moved up to heavyweight, boldly called out the champion and his older brother Vitali Klitschko while sporting a t-shirt depicting Haye standing over both Klitschko's freshly decapitated corpses. Needless to say, neither Klitschko was happy about that. After endless heaps of trash-talk from both sides(mostly the challenger's), broken dates, broken negotiations..here we are.

The first bell sounded after moments of anticipation which saw Klitschko stalking Haye out of the gate , throwing quick jabs as Haye lunged in cautiously trying to land huge looping power shots to no avail. Both men mostly stared at one another for the rest of the round but the intensity didn't fade..yet. Klitschko started to throw his right in the second round as Haye rushed in and landed a hard right hand that had Klitschko stunned for a second which forced him to clinch. Klitschko got his legs back under him and continued to establish his long jab. Both men exchanged towards the end of the round as the crowd of almost 60,000 roared them on.

Klitschko established his dominance in the fourth with a quick flurry and a solid right hand.Haye was very inactive in the round which saw him bob and weave most of his opponents incoming punches but he didn't answer back until he landed a glancing blow in the closing seconds. Klitschko stunned Haye in the fifth round with a quick combination that pushed Haye back. Haye ate the shots well as the bell sounded and both men returned to their corners.

The sixth round was much of the same as the intensity began to give way and Wladimir Klitschko began to fall back into a similar pattern that HASN'T made him into an American superstar – it became boring. It started to turn ugly as every time Haye lunged in for an attack with his head down, Klitschko would push him to the canvas. Haye would not throw more then 10 punches a round it seemed like. In the seventh round Klitschko lost a point within the first minute of the round for pushing Haye down. Haye did land a good left hook as the round continued but it had no visual affect on the champion as he jabbed away at the opposition. Both men's refusal to fully engage became irritating as Klitschko looked tentative behind a cautious jab while Haye traded counterpunching for landing and running.

 The ninth round heated up when Haye  smacked Klitschko with a good right as the champion continued to stalk and jab.

Haye started to flop every time he was near Klitschko with his head down, trying to get another point from the ref but in fact it was him who lost the point when he rushed Klitschko , flopped to the canvas as the ref scored it a knockdown in protest.

The most breath-taking moment came in the final round when Haye landed a bomb directly on Klitschko's chin that visibly rocked the champion to his very core. Klitschko rushed back to get into the clinch and just held on until he was fully recovered. As soon as he got his legs back he went back to the attack mode but couldn't do what he promised which was to knock Haye out in the final round.

Klitschko won the unanimous decision with the scores of 117-109, 118,108, 116,110.  After all the hype which included a massive build-up in HBO's "Face-Off" segment the fight did not live up to what it was promised to be. Sure it was a decent match but left much to be desired – especially from the once prominent heavyweight division. Wladimir Klitschko is a fantastic athlete but not much of a fighter.

Many writers and fans alike have asked for a heavyweight savior of sorts with American blood running thru his veins. There hasn't been anyone who fits that description since the great Mike Tyson so I say if you want to watch some fun heavyweight fights, watch the UFC.