NerdMerch: Cool New Transformers Hats

Transformers: Dark of the Moon opened huge, but you can get some classic G1 styled hats that are pretty darn snazzy.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Soundwave Cap

With all the attention going to Michael Bay's giant robot explode-o-ganza Transformers: Dark of the Moon, you might have missed the fact that they actually managed to sneak in a shout-out to G1 Transformers fans with the inclusion of the Wreckers and their British accents.  If you want to show your true O.G. TF colors, check out these cool new hats at New Era Cap


There's the Soundwave cap – and you don't get much cooler than Soundwave when you're dealing with G1 TFs.



Then there's the classic version of Bumbebee, the Autobots' little brother.






You can also check out more of these over at Lids, where they've got a pretty darn snazzy Shockwave going for them, too.