PlanetSide 2 Announced

The ambitious MMOFPS franchise gets a sequel.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Hey, do you remember 2003’s MMOFPS PlanetSide? Well, Guess what? They’re making a sequel. Surprise!

Yesterday, Sony Online Entertainment officially announced the follow-up at their company FanFaire event. The title has been in development for quite some time, even going by the name "PlanetSide Next" until it was changed to the now-used PlanetSide 2.

Much like the original, PlanetSide 2 is an massively multiplayer game, only instead of role-playing, you’re playing in a first-person shooter with three factions at war. It’s a pretty ambitious concept, which hopefully they can get right the second time around.

To complement the announcement, Sony dropped a media bomb of screens and a trailer for PlanetSide 2. You can ogle over them below. And if you want to know more about PlanetSide 2 straight from the horse’s mouth, you can read the game’s FAQ from its official website.