‘The King of Kong’ Documentary Remake is a Mockumentary

To paraphrase Blackadder: "It's the most pointless thing since How To Learn French was translated into French."

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

In what has to qualify as the silliest news of the week – like, This Is Really Happening silly – Seth Gordon's popular videogame documentary The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters is being remade… as a mockumentary. 

If you're anything like us, reading that sentence has caused to you lean back from your computer and ponder whether the world makes sense anymore. We assure you, it does not.

The Playlist reports the information straight from Seth Gordon's mouth. Gordon has been able to successfully parlay The King of Kong into a narrative feature directing career: his latest film, Horrible Bosses, opened in theaters this weekend. The King of Kong told the story of Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe, two expert videogame enthusiasts who competed with each other for the all-time high score of Donkey Kong. The remake actually has an encouraging pedigree: Gordon has tapped Melissa Stack, whose screenplay I Want To F— Your Sister was right near the top of 2007's Hollywood Black List, which compiles the best unproduced screenplays in the industry every tear.

Less encouraging is the baffling creative decision to remake Gordon's documentary as a mockumentary, which sounds about as necessary as a "rewrite" of To Kill A Mockingbird which just publishes it in a different font. 

Gordon told The Playlist: “There’s a few different avenues [the film can take]. I’ve done some work on ‘Modern Family’ and ‘The Office’ and have worked in this doc style, and so that inspired me to say, instead of doing a traditional narrative feature script, what if we did the remake in the doc style?,” he explained. “What doors what that open? What opportunities? What additional story could we tell? And that’s essentially the approach we took.”

CRAVE Online will return with more baffling movie news soon. Maybe Spike Lee will start production on a sequel to Do The Right Thing or… 

Oh wait. Nevermind.