Arnold Schwarzenegger to Finally Make His ‘Last Stand’

The Governator returns to the limelight after a brief... snag... with a western from Kim-ji-Woon.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

When last we heard from Arnold Schwarzenegger – about his movie career, that is – he had backed down from a number of projects in light of his well-publicized marital scandal. But that was May. This is July, and apparently two months was plenty of time to let the fires die down. The Terminator star's next movie will be The Last Stand, a western from Korean director Kim-ji-Woon, according to Deadline.

Kim-ji-Woon first made waves on this side of the Pacific with his spooky-wooky 2003 horror movie A Tale of Two Sisters, later remade in the states in 2009 as The Uninvited. But the film that made him a prime candidate for the full Hollywood treatment has got to be The Good, The Bad and the Weird: a bonkers Korean western styled after Sergio Leone, with a little bit of Robert Rodriguez in there for good measure. The movie is a refreshing blast of action-y fresh air, and makes us very excited for what he can do with Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand.

As for The Last Stand, you may remember the picture is set to star Schwarzenegger as an aging border town sheriff who, along with a crew of inexperienced deputy, is the last obstacle in a wanted drug czar's path to freedom. The film was originally intended to be a starring vehicle for Liam Neeson, who eventually backed out due to scheduling difficulties.

CRAVE Online will be back with more The Last Stand news, so long as the X-Men aren't involved.