Will Josh Brolin Be Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy?’

The W. star tops the list of candidates to star in Lee's remake of the classic Korean revenge movie.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

With Spike Lee now officially directing the American remake of Chan-wook Park's popular Korean revenge saga Oldboy (after he's done with his Do The Right Thing sequel, apparently), the time has come to talk casting. And the operative word here is just "talk." Twitch Film reports that Josh Brolin has topped Mandate's list of candidates to star in the American Oldboy. It's just talk, nothing's being officially discussed yet, but it's somewhat reassuring to know that they're in the right frame of mind over there.

Despite his obvious talent Josh Brolin languished in relative obscurity for most of his career following his first role in the popular 1980's kids film Goonies. The Coen Brothers, bless 'em, finally gave Brolin his shot at the big time with No Country for Old Men, finally giving Brolin the opportunity to snag some plum roles in Oliver Stone's W., Gus Van Sant's Milk (which garnered him an Oscar nomination) and, well… Jonah Hex. But nobody's perfect. He's the right age for the role, and physically fit enough to meet the part's grueling demands, but more importantly he's one of the few name actors who seems comfortable tackling the kind of edgy material we're going to find in Oldboy. If he ends up taking the role, it's hard to imagine anybody complaining.

CRAVE Online will be back with more Oldboy news as we hammer out the details.