DC’s New 52 #2s: Supernaturals

The Justice League Dark, the Swamp Thing, the Demon and more keep the magic alive in the DCnU.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League Dark #2

Of all the brand new visions being unleashed in DC's new universe, one of the most intriguing ideas is the Justice League Dark, and they're at the forefront of a whole slew of supernatural titles coming your way.  We've seen the #1 previews, and now here's a look at more of The New 52 #2s.

Also of note – DC has announced The Shade #1, written by James Robinson returning to his Starman world with art from Cully Hammer.


Animal Man #2


ANIMAL MAN #2 (Writer: Jeff Lemire, Art: Travel Foreman)

Buddy and Ellen Baker continue to worry about their daughter Maxine's new abilities, while the Hunters Three arrive on Earth to track down Buddy during his own transformation.


Demon Knights #2


DEMON KNIGHTS #2  (Writer: Paul Cornell, Art: Diogenes Neves & Oclair Albert, Cover: Tony S. Daniel)

Madame Xanadu has had quite a history of adventure, including becoming the lover of Etrigan the Demon in the centuries after the time of King Arthur.  They join with five other souls to take on the Horde and their benefactor, the malevolent Mordru.


Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #2


FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF SHADE #2 (Writer: Jeff Lemire, Art: Alberto Ponticelli, Cover: J.G. Jones)

Frankenstein and his field team known as The Creature Commandos are "necronauts" traveling through dead space to get to a Monster Planet at the heart of a conspiracy, and something called the S.O.M.B.I.E. appears.


I Vampire #2


I, VAMPIRE #2  (Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov, Art: Andrea Sorrentino, Cover: Jenny Frison)

Sexy vampires?  Who'da thunk it?  The Queen of Blood's suckheads begin their cross-country assault, while Andrew tries to fight against someone he once loved and her swarms of followers.


Justice League Dark #2


JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #2 (Writer: Peter Milligan, Art: Mikel Janin, Cover: Ryan Sook)

Madame Xanadu attempts to guide the supernatural heroes, but John Constantine, Zatanna and Shade the Changing Man may not be able to stop the evil of the Enchantress.


Resurrection Man #2


RESURRECTION MAN #2  (Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Art: Fernando Dagnino, Cover: Ivan Reis & Joe Prado)

Mitch Shelley's investigation into his own past goes awry when he runs into the sadistic bounty hunters who call themselves the Body Doubles.


Swamp Thing #2


SWAMP THING #2  (Writer: Scott Snyder, Art: Yanick Paquette)

Alec Holland is alive once more, and everything he thought he knew about the history of the Swamp Thing is turned on its head with new revelations from the Parliament of Trees.