National League Wins All-Star Game

The NL earns World Series home field advantage with win.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

In a matchup that was mainly devoid of on-field fireworks, the National Leagues Prince Fielder provided all the explosions needed for the National League to secure a 5-1 win over the American League and claim home field advantage in the World Series.

Fielder's three run shot in the 4th put the National League ahead in the game and proved to be all the offense needed on a night where the hard pitching of the NL dominated its American League counterpart. NL starter Roy Halladay, combined with 9 relievers, tossed a 6 hitter to give the NL its second straight All-Star win.

San Francisco stud reliever Brian Wilson got the save after retiring the final two batters in the ninth.

"It felt like a little bit like last year when you come into a pressure situation and you try to do a clutch performance as you can," Wilson said.

Up by four runs late, the National League was loose and looking to have some fun. Pitcher Heath Bell was the standout in this regard as he provided a lighthearted moment when his name was called in the eighth. He sprinted from the bullpen and tore up the turf a bit with a slide just short of the mound, much to the delight of teammates.

"I told some guys I wanted to have fun this All-Star Game and needed some ideas, so guys back home kind of said slide on the mound," he revealed. "Bochy said before the game that this really counts, so I thought I was not going to do it, but then we were up by four runs."

Between no-shows, bow outs and injuries, the American League just couldn't generate any type of offense on a night where they were clearly outclassed.

"We are not going to use not having Josh as an excuse," AL manager Ron Washington said. "I think when you look at the ballgame, the bottom line is the National League pitching was outstanding. You know, we ended up giving up one big inning and they didn't give up any."

MLB games are set to resume this Thursday.