5 Celebs Convicted of Manslaughter

Some of it grisly, some of it funny, all of it bizarre.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Ever watch an actor in a movie or glance at a picture in a tabloids and think, “wow, that person sure has done a lot.” Well, compared to these celebrities (at one time or another) they haven’t done a thing.

You think Lindsay Lohan has it rough? These five celebs make Cypress Hill look like the Boy Scouts of America.

Check out the list to see which one of your favorites is a stone-cold killer:



The man, the hair, the legend. Easily the most recognizable face associated with professional boxing, Don King has promoted fights with legendary names like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and George Forman. But what you may not know is that Don King has killed not just one, but two people! The first happened while King was still making his bones as an illegal bookmaker in Ohio, when a man named Hillary Scott tried to rob him. King shot him in the back. That guy got off easy compared to thirteen years later, when King stomped an employee to death over a debt of $600. King’s lawyer got the charges reduced to second-degree manslaughter and managed to get King’s prison time down to four years… Helluva lawyer. When King says you go down in the 6th, you go down in the 6th.



Hailed by some as one of the greatest literary minds of all time, Burroughs was a staple of the beat generation of writers. Though he is known for his iconic work, Naked Lunch, what’s lesser known is the death of his common-law wife, Joan Vollmer. After fleeing the US to Mexico in 1951 with Vollmer on suspicion of drug charges, Burroughs shot Vollmer dead, while drunkenly playing a game of “William Tell” at a bar in Mexico City. Through bribing officials and witnesses, Burroughs was able to get his sentence suspended and return to the US after the statute of limitations ran out on the drug charges… Burroughs served as the inspiration for the show, “Sons of Anarchy.” Just kidding.



This one has it all! Born Antron Singleton, Lurch began his music career by working with well-known hip-hop acts such as Mystikal and E-40. But after a car accident left Lurch seriously injured, Big Lurch began taking PCP to ease the pain… like you do. In April of 2002, police arrested Lurch naked, covered in blood, and screaming at the sky in the middle of a Los Angeles street. It turns out, Lurch had spent the night smoking PCP with Thomas Moore, boyfriend of a woman named Tynisha Ysais, in her apartment. Police later found that Ysais had been stabbed, cut open, and that parts of her body had been eaten by Lurch. HOLY SHIT. Lurch was sentenced to life in 2003 after he pled not guilty by reason of insanity… If this isn’t the biggest reason why you shouldn’t do drugs, I don’t know what is.



This woman was the old-timey version of Paris Hilton. Born in 1883 and raised a socialite, Fortescue’s grandfather was the first president of the Bell telephone company. In 1932, while in Hawaii with her husband Thomas Massie, Fortescue’s daughter, Thalia, was allegedly raped by several men. Outraged that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict the alleged perpetrators, Fortescue ordered Massie and several Naval officers to kidnap and torture one of the suspects, eventually killing him as a result. After some savvy political maneuvering, Fortescue was able to have her sentenced commuted from murder to manslaughter… Though I don’t think Paris Hilton has much political clout these days.




Though you probably know him as an actor from Alien 3, Gothika, and Secret Window, what you may not know is that as a young man and training to become a boxer, Dutton killed a man after he Dutton said he was attacked. He was sentenced to two years in prison. Dutton was later arrested and sent to prison again for possession of a deadly weapon. However Dutton bettered himself inside and later got himself a spot at the Yale School of Drama… Now watch Alien 3 and tell me his performance doesn’t hit home.