One Night In Monte Carlo

So much better than One Night in Paris... Get it?  Paris is a casino too... and the Paris Hilton thing... Brilliant.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

It was my first weekend in Vegas, and day two had finally come.  It was time for the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino.  I did not know what to expect, but it did look vastly different than the neon lights and pulsating environment of the NY-NY. 

To be completely honest, I liked it better.  When you walk into the Monte Carlo the first word that comes to mind is: Open.  You can see straight through to their enormous pool area immediately when you walk through the front doors.  In the city with no windows, there is something refreshing about the Monte Carlo the second you walk inside. 

Do I have any beer connoisseur's?  Of course I do.  But if you have not been to The Pub inside Monte Carlo, then you have not lived the beer life to it's fullest my friend.  Choosing amongst over 70 beers on tap, not to mention the bottled selections, it's definitely impossible to give anywhere close to all the different types of brew that they offer.  But you can sure try.  We rocked a few beer flights and got the night started off right.  I recommend their local brews.  I always go local, because many times, there aren't a lot of places to find them.  Not every brew stood out as the greatest beer I had tasted, but there was one local brew that I loved.  The Fox Russian Imperial Stout.  I love my stout beers and this one trumped the classic Guinness in my book.  If you're not feeling adventurous, there are plenty of recognizable beers for you to enjoy, but I definitely recommend taking a chance on some of the unique brews that The Pub has to offer.

Just staying at an iconic hotel like the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas would be enough for me.  But, I was lucky enough to check out what it's like to spend a night in Monte Carlo's top-floor boutique hotel, Hotel32.

All the way up on the 32nd floor, Hotel32 was built after a fire wiped out the entire top floor of the Monte Carlo.  They definitely made the best of a bad situation.  And when I say best, I mean best.  The views from my studio apartment atop the Vegas strip were awesome, and the chaise lounge next to my floor to ceiling window was the perfect place to take a hour-long break and hop on my laptop before heading down for the rest of the night. 

Though I was upset when I couldn't find an ironing board and iron.  I was about to go to an extremely classy restaurant for dinner, and all my dress shirts were in no condition to go out.  I called the front desk to see what the deal was, and very soon after realized that I wasn't at the Super 8 Motel anymore.  They of course sent my laundry assistant right over to take care of my wrinkly shirt situation.  It's like mom doing your laundry for you.  Except it's a hot girl that is not your mom.  Ok so it's completely different, but you get the idea.

For dinner it was off to Andre's Restaurant for some modern French cuisine.  This was by far the nicest restaurant that I have ever visited.  Chef Andre is world renowned, and he proves that with his cooking.  As I already said, this is not the kind of restaurant I am used to attending.  Long lines of small appetizers, palette cleansers and carefully picked selections of wine, who's flavor complemented and enhanced the flavors of the food that we were enjoying, all leading up to the entree of my choice: Maine Lobster Thermidor.

Oh. Dear. Lord.  It was ridiculous.  Far too much food for me to handle to be completely honest.  By the time the dessert hit the table I could not believe I was still sitting up straight.

For me personally, I felt a little weird at the restaurant.  I'm just not very fancy.  Don't get me wrong, the dining room is amazing and looks just as beautiful as you would hope for when dining on some of the finest food and drink you'll have the chance to sample.  But I fit in at The Pub much more comfortably.  I will tell you this though.  When I'm in Vegas with a lady.  I'm taking her to Andre's to make myself look good.  Because there is no way you're walking out after an evening at Andre's without rounds of praise from your girl.

Ok, fancy time over.  Time to get crazy.  And all we had to do to get wild was walk straight across the casino floor to Minus5.  I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people that always thinks its hot in bars.  If only there was a bar that didn't crank the heat.  Oh, did you say Minus5 is made completely of ice?  Perfect! 

I'm not exaggerating.  We're talkin' ceilings, couches, bar, shot glasses, tables and even a shot-luge!  And yes, I did partake of the shot-luge.

Our stay at Minus5 was short, but we got a group shots and luge shots in just in time to rip off our fur coats and head to the big show.  Jabbawockees!!!

I watched Season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew, and me and all the other guys at the Beta House were Jabbawockees to the extreme. 

I was a bit skeptical going in, not really sure how they could stretch a 45 second performance on television into a two hour show.  Of course, just as they did all season long on ABDC, I was not let down. 

Their current show, MÜS.I.C., chronicles the story of how music can influence the everyday lives of every human being.  All communicated through movement and sick dance moves, the Jabbawockees kick it in their expressionless white masks and white gloves, reminding audiences that it's not about who's on the outside, but what they bring from within that can shock and awe the rest of the world. 

But of course, the masks come off in the end and we all get to see the faces of a group of guys who are livin' the dream.

My night at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino was definitely one to remember.  The best way I can sum up a Monte Carlo experience is like this:

Unpretentious high-roller-living through a modern interpretation of old-Vegas class.  Making it possible for an average guy like me to feel like I'm rollin' with the Rat Pack and pickin' up ladies from 2011.  Hope that makes sense to you, because it makes total sense to me.  And if you don't get it then that means I'm losing my mind… I'm not ready to admit that yet…