Best Action Comedies

Action + Comedy = WIN.

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Big Trouble in Little China


Action and comedy have always gone together in film. Comedy is a good way to relieve some of the tension in action scenes, hence all those corny post action scene one liners in Schwarzenegger and James Bond films.  With the new film 30 Minutes or Less hitting theaters soon, we decided to look at the Best action comedies.


Superbad – On the surface this movie looks more like a high school buddy bromance, but throw in a robbery, house party fist fight, multiple car accidents and a police chase, you now have more than enough elements for a hilarious action comedy.


Big Trouble in Little China – John Carpenter’s classic action/fantasy comedy starred Kurt Russell, a pre Sex in the City, Kim Catrall, and a cast of kung fu fighters. The film is hilarious and filled with wall to wall action. One of the villains was the inspiration for the design of one of the characters from Mortal Kombat.


Pineapple Express – In what has to be the first stoner action movie, Pineapple Express takes the genre of ‘eyewitness on the run’ and turns it on its head. Seth Rogen, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride provide the jokes and the laughs in the movie.


Zombieland – While Shaun of the Dead covered similar grounds, Zombieland was more action oriented, while being just as funny. Jessie Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone dodge the undead while staying one step ahead of each other as some of the last living people on earth.


Beverly Hills Cop – Quite possibly the best action comedy ever made. Beverly Hills Cop stars Eddie Murphy who brings nonstop laughs to the fish out of water story of a street smart Detroit cop who heads to ritzy Beverly Hills, California to find the people that killed his buddy.