‘The Dark Tower’ Finally Falls

Universal Pictures finally demolishes the ambitious movie and TV adaptation of Stephen King's classic series.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Well, we saw this one coming. After months of waffling and an announcement that Ron Howard was trying to scale back to his production of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, intended as a motion picture trilogy punctuated by TV mini-series, Universal Pictures has finally let the poor thing die in peace. The higher-ups aren't saying why the project finally fell through, but we suspect the answer rhymes with, "True risky."

But this is not the end of The Dark Tower. The ambitious production is free now to pursue other financial backers, and Deadline reports that Warner Bros. may in fact be interested. (After all, they'll be looking for another hit franchise how that Harry Potter is gone.) Don't forget that New Line only picked up Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings after Miramax backed out under similar circumstances. As for Universal, they've got a few tentpoles left up their sleeves, which must be very long sleeves indeed to fit tentpoles up there. They've got significantly safer blockbusters on the way, adapted from the likes of the board game Battleship. How exciting.

CRAVE Online will be back with more Dark Tower news if Ron Howard can get it erected again.