‘Captain Planet: The Movie’ Is A Thing Now

Hey, where the @#$% was that guy during the oil spill? Sly Sludge had a field day!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

So now this is happening: Captain Planet's getting his own movie. Did it ever amuse you guys that his name was Captain Planet? Like, "Captain Just-Any-Ol'-Planet?" Has he ever protected Mars or Jupiter or anything like that? Or did he ever turn down the opportunity to save the moon because, "Hey, that's not my thing?"

Don Murphy, the producer of Natural Born Killers, Double Dragon and the Transformers movies has been tapped by Cartoon Network to develop a live-action movie based on the environmentally-conscious superhero cartoon. This follows the network's recently announced intent to make a movie based on their popular cartoon series Ben 10

The cartoon series Captain Planet swiftly became a bit of a joke after the irony boom of the late 90s. The superhero, created with the combined powers of his teen sidekicks "The Planeteers" (which reads like "plane-tiers" if you think about it), used his awesome powers to prevent oil spills and stop poachers. How very progressive. The show's all-encompassing earnestness didn't gel well with the cynicism of recent generations, although it remains a staple in syndication. 

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