Are We There Yet? – Namibia

A vacation getaway to... Namibia?!

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

I received a press release this week encouraging vacationers to consider traveling to Namibia for their next trip. And I thought "Huh?" I had never considered such a faraway, sleepy, non-tourist destination. However, once I started doing some digging, I found myself becoming intrigued by this unspoiled, unobvious vacation spot.

The landscape is Namibia’s defining natural asset – people use all sorts of words to describe it: vast, endless, magnificent, unimaginable, among others. Good words as far as words go, but apparently they don’t really do Namibia’s top attractions justice – the sunset at Sossusvlei, spending the day playing at Swakopmund or visiting the Himba in Damaraland. It's something that you have to experience to understand and believe.

Namibia's greatest claim to international fame may be five-year-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt – born in Namibia to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – but this little-known south African escape is quickly coming into its own. Case in point – a National Geographic photograph of Dead Vlei recently went viral on the web and brought the beauty of this lost land to everyone's attention. From the dunes of the Skeleton Coast and volcanic mountains of the central plateau to the red sands of the Kalahari Desert, the country's horizons are endless and its terrain is ever-changing. It is also virtually untouched: the fourth-largest country on the African continent, Namibia has 2.2 million people scattered around an area twice the size California. All 1,200 miles of Namibia's Atlantic coastline are government-protected, as are several sprawling inland wilderness reserves. Throw in two new high-end hotels (the Hilton Windhoek and Switzerland-based Kempinski Hotels), a handful of stylish country retreats, ample wildlife both big and small, and a long-time democratic government, and Namibia stands out as the ultimate safari experience – a stunning, sparsely populated, untamed slice of nature with stability and luxury to spare.

Packages per person start around $4,550. If you're intrigued like I was and want more info call 1-800-882-9453.


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