This Week In Tweets – Vol. 12

This week: Harry Potter hysteria, the Netflix war and NO MORE KE$HA?!

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

The past week saw the release of the last ever (don’t hold me to that) Harry Potter film, and surprisingly Twitter was pretty quiet about the whole affair. Wait, what’s that? It wasn’t quiet? It was actually REALLY F***ING LOUD? Oh. My mistake.


And my personal favourite…


But it wasn’t just overly excited 13 year-olds and cold-hearted cynics who were talking all things Potter. The movies’ stars also stirred up the hype…


There was one cast member who wasn’t as gracious in thanking his fans, though…


Spoil sport. Now onto another pressing matter: Netflix. The immensely popular DVD rental and online streaming service faced a backlash from fans this week, when it was revealed that they would be increasing the price of their service.

Initially a subscription to Netflix would cost you as little as $10 a month, with the rental and streaming services both included in the package. However, after the price increase those services will be divided into separate packages, with the consumer now having to pay $16 for the smallest bundle, or $24 for the largest.

Netflix went on Twitter to announce the new pay plan, naively proposing it as though it would be beneficial to its subscribers:


As you can imagine, the denizens of Twitter reacted with the sort of logic and reasoning we have come to expect from the internet. What, what’s that? They acted idiotically and irrationally? Oh. My mistake.

Still, as with all bouts of public/internet hysteria, there was one bright spark in the darkness…

…and the usual folks trying to make money out of a national “tragedy”:


Wow. We’ve made it to the end of a ‘This Week in Tweets’ without a single mention of Ke$ha. I don’t know about you, but I’m –