Harrison Ford IS Wyatt Earp in ‘Black Hats!’

The Cowboys and Aliens star ditches the aliens in the upcoming adaptation of Max Allan Collins' novel.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Man, it's great to finally write an article that doesn't contain the words "Comic Con" or "SDCC" and… wait. Crap. Anyway, Harrison Ford is starring in Black Hats. What is Black Hats? It's an adaptation of a novel by Max Allan Collins (who also wrote the source material for Sam Mendes' The Road to Perdition, which curiously enough starred Ford's Cowboys and Aliens co-star Daniel Craig), about Wyatt Earp, who ended his career as a private detective in Los Angeles. He was also a movie consultant at the time, which probably explains that last line in Tombstone in which Robert Mitchum said, "Tom Mix wept."

The story revolves around Earp (Harrison Ford), who discovers that his old friend and partner Doc Holliday bore an illegitimate son, who has problems of his own in New York City with up-and-coming mobster Al Capone. Earp must reteam with Bat Masterson, his former deputy (now sports writer) to take on the mob. That's a geekgasm right there, albeit an historical one. 300: The Battle of Artemisia and now Man of Steel writer Kurt Johnstad is tackling the screenplay. Hollywood Reporter had the story.

This kind of playful historic revisionism is becoming a thing in Hollywood right now. James McTeigue's upcoming film The Raven stars John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, the famed horror writer who, apparently, also fought a serial killer who used Poe's stories as an inspiration for his killings. That probably never happened either. Sure is neat though.

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