5 Cool DC Splash Pages From Comic-Con

DC was vague on the deets, but here's a sampling of some of the cool new art they revealed at Comic-Con to their many, many panels.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


The DC panels at Comic-Con last weekend didn't do a whole hell of a lot about revealing details, although they did settle the 'why are there 4 Robins in 5 years' question by admitting that Batman has been an underground operative for years and Superman is the first public hero in the DCnU.  There was also a reveal noting that somehow, the overarching villain in the first year of Teen Titans will be Superboy, whose memories will have been erased.  So chew on that for a while. 

In the meantime, you can check out a sampling of some of the cool art they did show us during those panels.  Here's a top five of new splashy good-time eye candy to feast your eyes on.  Just don't get an eye-tummy-ache from all that sweet stuff.




The Flash


It's a funky title page, sure, but there are greater implications here for Barry Allen, as Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are said to be incorporating funky paneling just like this to take us deeper into just what it means to be The Flash, mentally as well as physically.  They're all about delivering a new way to depict speed, but they want to really bring across the experience of thinking with superspeed as well.  Will it work?  We'll have to wait and see.




Justice League International


It's the JLI fighting a giant robot thing.  Batman, Booster Gold and August General In Iron on the same team.  Looks like Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan are knocking it out of the park.   Need we say more?




Teen Titans


Now here's a bit of a reveal from Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund.  Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark seems to have some sparkly-star-spangled Donna Troy powers going.  Could it be that both Donna and Wally West have fallen by the wayside with the JSA in order to streamline the DCnU?    While the continuity conundrum Wally West they explained (if Barry's so young, how can Wally have been the Flash and have two 10-year-old kids?  That's really the explanation – as if his marriage was somehow more sacred than Superman's) doesn't hold a lot of water, Donna Troy was kind of a nightmare to figure out.  The guess is she gets ditched as an unnecessary complication.  Hope you like Cassie!





So, here's a good sampling of Arkham Asylum residents from David Finch and Richard Friend – and it looks like the new RIddler is taking a page from Mr. Zsasz and using decorative skin modification.  Two-Face looks a bit more gnarly (although some of us would have preferred the opposite direction and making Harvey Dent a viable D.A. again instead), and perhaps most notable is Batman's smug little grin there.  They made a big point in one of the panels about how heroes should not have faced their enemies so many times that it's old hat, but instead it should be tough going to stop the villains every time.  However, a whole slew of bad guys staring him down, and Batman just smirks?  Well, withhold judgment until we get the story, of course, but suspicions arise.






So, there he is, rendered as majestically as possible by Jesus Merino.  The big gun of the DCU.  The man who used to carry the weight of the world with his very appearance, a gravitas unparalleled by any other hero ever created.  Here, he looks cool.  He looks impressive.  The uniform is sharp and no one needs the red briefs.  But he also looks young, and that is not helped by the little extendo-sleeves that make his shirt look a little too big for him.  Maybe that's the plan – trying to shed that weight and make him less imposing.  But it's in his face.  Superman looks like a boy, and Superboys don't have a track record of being very impressive (especially if they have 'Prime' as a last name).  That's worrying.  But that doesn't make this badass image uncool.


As you can see, the default setting for comic nerds like me is to run towards being concerned and nervous about changes like these.  Sure, we've all been burned a lot, but we've also overreacted quite a bit, too.  Let's try to split the difference and have some cautious optimism, shall we?