A look at the Grindhouse Complete Double Feature Experience

A fully loaded version of the double feature from Troublemaker Studios finally arrives in Australia!

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Grindhouse - Blu-ray

For the first time ever, Australian fans of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's double feature, Grindhouse, have the home version they have been waiting for. For those that missed the theatrical release, Grindhouse was comprised of the  films Planet Terror (directed by Robert Rodriguez), Death Proof (directed by Quentin Tarantino) and five fake trailers (Machete, Werewolf Women of the SS, Don't, Thanksgiving and Hobo with a Shotgun), all filmed in an homage to the exploitation films of the 1970's.

Grindhouse – The Complete Double Feature Experience is a two disc Blu-ray wrapped in a cool premium collectors package designed in Australia. The film also comes with 5 Limited Edition Collector Poster Cards and tons of bonus features, which you can see in the photo below.

Grindhouse - Special Edition Blu-ray

In addition to the extras above, there are tons of extras on the discs including Robert Rodriguez's 10 Minute Film School, Stunts on Wheels: The Legendary Drivers of Death Proof, and the fake trailers "Werewolf Women of the SS", "Don't" and "Thanksgiving".

Also, for the first time in Australia there are 15 all new features including an extended "Werewolf Women of the SS" trailer (with commentary by director Rob Zombie), storyboard comparison from "Don't" (directed by Edgar Wright) and more!