Braves Win Marathon Game Over Pirates

Crazy 19 inning affair capped by controversy.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Braves 19 Innings

In what was as wild of a low scoring game you will ever see, the Atlanta Braves outlasted the Pittsburgh Pirates to win game 2 of their four game series 4-3 in the 19th inning.

Yes, I said the 19th inning.

These two teams combined to play two whole games on a night where neither team could get that winning run across the plate. The scoring, until the 19th, finished up in the 3rd inning and if you believe Pirates fans (or your own eyes), that run in the 19th shouldn't have happened either as it was clearly evident that the Braves Julio Lugo was tagged before hitting the plate.

"I didn't feel the tag," Lugo said. "He made the right call. I got in there."

Of course you did….not.

Home plate umpire Jerry Meals made the controversial call that ended the game and you can bet he was 'Meals on wheels' out of their soon after as fired up Pirates manager Clint Hurdle was quite vocal in letting him know that he did not appreciate his blown call.

"I saw the tag, but he looked like he oled him and I called him safe for that," Meals said. "I looked at the replays and it appeared he might have got him on the shin area. I'm guessing he might have got him, but when I was out there when it happened I didn't see a tag.

"I just saw the glove sweep up. I didn't see the glove hit his leg."

The 6 hours, 39 minutes affair was the longest game ever played by either of these teams. The Pirates' previous longest game was 6:12 at San Diego on Aug. 25, 1979. The Braves' previous longest game by time was 6:10 against the Mets on July 4, 1985, at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

The disappointing loss puts the Pirates a game back of St. Louis for the NL Central lead, which is a far cry better than what they are used to this time of year.