WTF SCIENCE: 5 Weird Experiments

Think your biology teacher was a loon? Check some of these out!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

1. Stalin’s Man-Apes

Despite all the wonderful things you’ve heard about Josef Stalin, here’s something you may not know: in the mid 1920’s Stalin commissioned scientist, Ilya Ivanov, to create an army of “invincible human beings.” Ivanov conducted a series of experiments inseminating female apes with human male seed — with no results, thank god. Ivanov then recruited five female volunteers for human/ape reproduction, but the last mature ape died before any consummation could take place… *Long sigh of relief.* Ivanov was eventually arrested and exiled (like everyone). Shorty thereafter he died of a stroke in 1932.


2. Puke-Drinking For The Cure

This guy is one of our favs. Doctor Stubbins Ffirth (b. 1784, and yes, that’s spelled correctly) came up with the wonderful idea to prove yellow fever was not contagious, he would drink the vomit of infected patients. Not stopping there, Ffirth would make small cuts on his arms and rub bodily fluids into the wounds…

Little did firth know that yellow fever was actually spread by mosquitos during the summer. All that puke-drinking for nothing!


3. Two Heads Are Better Than One

Again with those pesky Reds! In the fifties, Soviet scientist, Vladimir Demikhov, thought it would be a great step forward in the name of science to cut the head off a puppy and attach it to the head of another grown German shepherd. Why? Demikhov theorized it could be the start of a series of head transplants (and strangely enough, Demikhov was a pioneer in transplant science). Unfortunately, none of his test subjects lived long.

Warning: If you seek out a picture of his two-headed dog, prepare to be horrified!


4. Nazis in your Homeroom.

In Palo Alto, California, sophomore contemporary history teacher, Ron Jones came up with an experiment to explain to his students how the German peoples could consciously go along with the horrors of the Third Reich. It started simply with staunch classroom discipline, with Jones surfacing as the authoritarian figure. Classroom efficiency improved, along with the grades of the students. Soon, students from all over the school joined the innocent movement — what Jones cad called, “The Third Wave.” From the original 30 students, more than 200 had joined up with the “Wave.” The experiment ended when Jones shocked the students with an announcement from their “leader” – Adolf Hitler.  


5. LSD is Good, Right?

The MKULTRA program was James Bond-stuff — mind control, brain-washing, illegal, and CIA funded. LSD was given to various people of various occupations, most of the time without their knowledge or consent, and then monitored for possible mind-control possibilities. Often times, LSD was administered as a truth serum. Over time, LSD as a truth serum proved to provide questionable results — go figure, and MKULTRA was shut down. But it just goes to show, it’s always worth asking, “what’s in the water?”