NFL Free Agent Frenzy Continues!

Another day, another big signing...

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

I tell you what, when the TV sports experts said that once NFL free agency began that it would be unlike anything seen before, they weren't kidding. Between teams cutting players or trying to trade them to get under the new, lower cap, to the already existing free agents, I don't think I've ever seen an NFL offseason where so many bug names have changed teams. This is honestly even dwarfing the 2010 NBA free agent frenzy featuring LeBron, Wade and Bosh…well, maybe not in drama but in shear excitement, hell yeah!

Here's some more movement updates, there has been quite a few the last 24 hours with more to come, I'm sure.

Only in the NFL will a player be traded dollars for pennies and that's what happened when the Washington Redskins traded the talented but disgruntled defensive force Albert Haynesworth to the New England Patriots for a 5th round pick.

The top offensive free agent this offseason is arguably former Minnesota Vikings receiver Sidney Rice. He's off the market now, however, as the busy Seattle Seahawks have nabbed him with a five-year, $41 million contract. Expect the Vikings to target Braylon Edwards to replace him.

The writing has been on the wall for former New Orleans Saints rusher Reggie Bush since the draft and those flutters of talk has finally come to fruition as the Saints traded the talented running back to the Miami Dolphins. This move likely means free agents Rickie Williams and Ronnie Brown will also be on the move.

Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Babin, formerly of the Tennessee Titans, has agreed to a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Kansas City Chiefs add some depth at wideout by acquiring former Arizona Cardinals receiver Steve Breaston.  Another former Cardinal, Matt Leinhart, has signed a deal to be member of the Houston Texans team.

Free agent DeAngelo Williams decided home cooking is where its at and signed back with the Carolina Panthers.

The Lions have upgraded an already impressive defensive front with the signing of linebacker Justin Durant, formerly of the Jacksonville Jaguars.