The Biggest D-Bag in the World

Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you the biggest D-Bag in the world.

CraveOnlineby CraveOnline


When you think of amazing D-Baggery, several names come to mind, the Jersey Shore cast, Charlie Sheen (#notwinning) and of course you can't leave out Kanye. But on rare occasion you will find some fantastic D-Baggery occuring among the common man. Not your everyday jerk at the checkout counter, or the -ahole at the club, but an awesome display of the worst that humanity has to offer, culturally.

Today, we present that man, a pinnacle of wrong sauce, Mr. Cameron Leslie of New Zealand. Cameron was working out just 50 meters away from the Oslo bombing, which clearly almost interrupted his 165 kg bench press workout. 

Watch the video below of The Biggest D-Bag in the World, and then go take a shower.

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