Preview: Marvel’s “Season One” Initiative

Marvel's getting in on the revamp train with their own line of Season One origin-story comics.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Daredevil Season One

One of Marvel's announcements at Comic-Con was that they were introducing a new line of graphic novels dubbed Season One, contemporizing the origins of some of their greatest characters.  But don't go thinking this is a New 52 style reboot thing.  They claim these issues are aimed at old and new fans alike, offering new revelations for longtime readers – kinda like their #-1 stunt over a decade ago.

“With Marvel Season One, we’ve assembled a group of great creators who’re delivering exciting, iconic, in-continuity stories of our most popular heroes,” said Tom Brevoort, Marvel SVP/Executive Editor. “If you’re a new fan, you can start your journey into comics with Season One and if you’re a seasoned fan you’ll find some thrilling new insight into your favorite characters.”

Just who are those creators?  Well, on Spider-Man Season One, there's Cullen Bunn and Neil Edwards.  Daredevil gets Antony Johnston and Wellinton Alves.  The X-Men have Dennis Hopeless and Jamie McKelvie, while the Fantastic Four sport Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and David Marquez.

Here's the first batch of covers for Marvel's "Season One" initiative.


Daredevil Season 1


Fantastic Four Season 1


Spider-Man Season 1


X-Men: Season 1