We want MORE pet monkeys!

Man's best friend? Indeed!

Kyle Krinerby Kyle Kriner

 If there's one thing fiction has taught us about what kind of animal should accompany us on epic adventures, it's that pet monkeys are awesome.  How our characters so easily come across owning these creatures is a mystery, and how they domesticate them is an even bigger one.  Anyone remember the chimp that removed a woman's face?  Anyway, there's plenty of pet primates throughout history that have shown our characters loads of companionship, and added another layer of fun to our favorite fictional works.  Let's meet a few of them, shall we?


Abu from Aladdin

 Abu might be the most famous movie monkey with people who grew up in the early nineties.  He's sweet, loveable, and the best companion a street rat could ask for.  His raspy little monkey screech comforts us and also lets us know when danger is close by.  Did he get a little grabby when they found the treasure?  Sure, but he's a monkey, cut him a break.  Would I bet on him in a fight with a magic carpet?  No, but that's not really fair either.  Abu is a breath of fresh air in the world of Gilbert Gottfried-voiced talking birds, and abrasive blue genies. 


Curious George

George may very well be America's favorite little monkey.  He is very kid friendly and pretty obedient for the most part.  All he wants to do is learn.  He seems to understand virtually every word that the Man In The Yellow Hat speaks, which is almost supernatural for a monkey.  He's the cleanest, calmest, most curious, and best trained monkey of the bunch.  He even has his own bedroom.  Is it possible that the big yellow guy has some sort of telepathic connection with George?  One could speculate. 


Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean

Now this hairy nuisance is certainly on the douchier side of pet monkeys.  Probably because he is the antagonist's little tool.  He too also became quite greedy when it came to booty (gold deblumes of course), but with him being a villain and all, it works.  As if this little prick wasn't bad enough in the sunlight, once the moon comes out he turns into a ghost monkey.  An undead pick pocket who is nearly impossible to catch.  Not cool.


Steve from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

Steve is truly charming.  His intelligence, even as far as monkeys are concerned, is questionable at best.  As much as I love him, I can't imagine what would make anyone think it was Ok to have him in a lab full of expensive high-tech equipment.  He's such a spazz.  Even when he is given the power to communicate in the English language, the most he's able to utter is "Steve".  Priceless.


Pet monkeys are awesome.  Even in real life, monkey assist the disabled in their day to day lives.  If you're blind, you can get one to help you sort of like a seeing eye dog, only way more useful.  Maybe that's how I can get my hands on one…Status update soon.