New Director, New Direction for ‘Die Hard 5’

John McClane's on a mission to Moscow! That always goes well!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Believe it or not – and we can barely believe it ourselves – Die Hard 5 is still on the way with Bruce Willis once again taking up the mantle of John "How can the same @#$% happen to the same guy five times" McClane. The project, still in development, just lost its last director: Smart People's Noam Murro, who recently departed the project to work on 300: The Battle of Artemisia. So what's next?

To Russia, with high box office expectations! (And a new director!)

Twitch Film reveals that the plot of the fifth Die Hard will take John McClane all the way to Moscow with his son in tow, where they will be "drawn into a conflict with local forces." Good to see that the series is going back to its former, intensely plausible roots. Further cementing concerns that the franchise is continuing into ridiculous territory Die Hard 5 screenwriter Skip Woods' resume, which is mostly comprised of over-the-top action fare like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Swordfish and The A-Team.

You know, last February I wrote a piece right here at CRAVE Online about how desperately the Die Hard franchise needs to go back to an everyman hero. Making John McClane an international man of mystery was not what I had in mind.

With Murro gone, the producers are (understandably) looking for a new director. While nothing is official yet, Twitch Film also reveals that the gig is apparently John Moore's "to take or leave." John Moore is best known as the director of Behind Enemy Lines and the regrettable Max Payne adaptation with Mark Wahlberg.

Neither of these revelations are final words from the studio, so let's just get out our grains of salt for now.

CRAVE Online will return with more unsettling Die Hard news as we look for an easier way for this franchise to die.