TRUE BLOOD 4.06 ‘I Wish I Was the Moon’

Eric's fate is in Bill's hands while Jason fears his pending transformation and Marnie embraces her dark power.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "I Wish I Was the Moon"

Writer: Raelle Tucker
Director: Jeremy Podeswa
Previously on "True Blood":

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) decided to be proactive in her desire to help Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) recover his memories, so she went to see Marnie (Fiona Shaw) and convinced the witch to perform a reading on her. During the seance, Sookie's grandmother reached out through Marnie's thoughts and warned Sookie to run away. A short time later, security forces loyal to Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) arrived and took Marnie into custody. Bill glamoured the woman in an attempt to make her reverse the spells on Eric and Pam (Kristin Bauer), but Marnie admitted that only the spirit that possessed her knew how to do it.

After escaping his rape and imprisonment at Hot Shot, Sookie's brother, Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) was saved by Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) . However, because Jessica fed Jason her blood to heal him, he began having sex dreams about her. Meanwhile, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) fled town to escape Eric and Pam's wraith. Tara (Rutina Wesley) also accidentally tipped off her girlfriend that she wasn't who she said she was. As for Sam (Sam Trammell), he played the good brother and helped Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman) hide the bodies of their parents.

Back at Sookie's home, Eric was once again confronted by the knowledge of what he was, but Sookie accepted him and pulled him into a kiss. Unfortunately for both of them, Pam accidentally revealed Eric's whereabouts to Bill, sending the Vampire King gunning towards them in a rage.


Eric and Sookie are well underway of getting naked on her couch when Bill bursts through the door and attacks Eric. But the fight gets one-sided pretty quickly as Eric dominates Bill and nearly kills him. Only Sookie's word that Bill is his king gets Eric to back down and take a knee. Bill has Eric and Sookie brought to his mansion and Eric does not resist at all. Sookie tries to get Bill to promise not to hurt Eric, but he evicts her from his property and sends Eric to the dungeon with Pam. After Pam reluctantly shows Eric her decomposing state, she pleads with him to re-embrace his Viking vampire side.

However, Eric has no desire to be that vampire again, much to Pam's disappointment. Meanwhile, Bill practically can't wait to tell Nan Flanagan (Jessica Tuck) that Eric is "infected" and should be put to death. Elsewhere, Terry and Arlene notice that the house, the house, the house is on fire! We don't need no water, let the motherf***er burn! Anyway, the demon baby and the creepy doll are already outside when the rest of the place goes up in smoke. Oh yeah, and the baby can now see dead people. The next day Sam is overwhelmed trying to deal with the damage to his property, so he calls in Tommy to cover for him at Merlotte's, Moments later, Tommy somehow triggers a transformation into Sam himself.

At Merlotte's, Tommy has a lot of fun being Sam. He even fires Sookie in a hilarious deconstruction of her reliability and tendency to draw trouble. But Tommy is less thrilled when his most recent caretaker, Maxine Fortenberry (Dale Raoul) belittles Tommy for abandoning her. Tommy cheers up soon enough when Luna (Janina Gavankar) shows up looking for a quickie… and he is all too happy to oblige after a slight effort to say no. In Mexico, Lafayette and Jesus consult with Jesus' grandfather, Don Bartolo (Del Zamora), who belittles them and orders them to find a sacrifice to help save themselves.

In her cell, Marnie has visions of the witch Antonia (Paola Turbay)  and she sees that the young woman was raped by the vampire clergy before she was burned at the stake. Wow, there really is a lot of rape on this show. But at least Antonia gets her revenge by forcing the vampire clergy to walk out into the sun as she dies.

In Mexico, Lafayette and Jesus get their sacrifice in the form of a snake, that Don Bartolo uses to attack Jesus. Locked in a room with his dying lover, Lafayette is possessed by the spirit of Jesus' "TIo Luca," who heals Jesus. Back in Bon Temps, Sookie finally finds Jason and learns that he fears becoming a were-panther after his ordeal at Hot Shot. When he flees during the full moon to save his sister, Jessica comes across him in the woods and gets him through his panic attack. When it becomes clear that Jason isn't shifting, he and Jessica share a romantic moment that seems to scare both of them away from each other.

After sleeping with Luna as Sam, Tommy dismisses her before he convulses in pain and eventually turns back into himself. Sam then finds Tommy passed out on the floor. Speaking of the floor, Tara's girlfriend introduce her to it and then makes out with her there. Meanwhile, Bill is ready to put Eric to death, but he is strangely moved by Eric's request for Pam to be freed and his wish for Sookie to find happiness with Bill, if not himself. Shortly thereafter, Tara and her girlfriend are confronted by a vengeful Pam. As for Marnie, she has given herself to Antonia's spirit, who then takes delight in capturing one of the vampires who raped her so long ago.

In the woods, Eric comes across Sookie in the moonlight and explains that the King released him. They quickly finish what they started earlier and make love under the stars.


This was the rare episode of "True Blood" in which even the minor plotlines were engaging. Sam and his brother Tommy are usually pretty useless in the storyline, but watching Sam Trammell playing Tommy disguised as Sam may have been the most fun the series has been this year. Tommy/Sam's rebuke against Sookie and her issues was truly hilarious, as was the slight limp that Trammell used when playing Tommy. He even seemed to capture the facial tics of Marshall Allman when Luna took off her shirt.

It does seem like Sam and Tommy can't be on the same page for more than an episode. This was the closest that they've been since last season and Tommy threw it away. That's probably always going to be the thing that Tommy does. He doesn't realize that he could have a brother who is really in his corner instead of some fleeting riches or sex. But considering how he was raised, that's not really a surprise.

Alright that's enough of that for now. I know what you really want to read about this week: the full fledged hook up of Sookie and Eric. The courtship between them has been entertaining from the start, if sometimes implausible. (Sookie must not have liked her fairy godmother at all if she'd just shrug it off when Eric murdered her). What this episode effectively did was give Sookie and Eric a more believable devotion to each other. Eric's speech to Bill was particularly a good moment for him. I can't picture the old Eric being quite so poignant to the point where Bill would actually spare him.

I know that Anna Paquin is married to Stephen Moyer, but she's got some amazing chemistry with Alexander Skarsgard. Sookie and Eric seem right together in a way that Bill and Sookie never quite matched. In a way, this episode was a huge payoff for that relationship going all the way back to the first season.

There's also something interesting happening between Jessica and Jason, which is unexpectedly entertaining. They're skirting the edge of betraying Hoyt, but they're both clearly into each other. And when Jason spoke to her, he didn't seem like the complete dumbass that he usually turns out to be. This Jason actually seemed like a human being instead of a cartoonish idiot.

For now, the biggest idiot on this show seems to be Tara, who is a magnet for trouble even more so than Jason. We should start the dead pool now: how many episodes until Tara gets her girlfriend or someone else close to her killed this season? I'm gonna throw out the number three, but with six episodes left, that's plenty of time for Tara to make more mistakes… like not immediately leaving town with Jesus and Lafayette. On a side note, decomposing Pam is ridiculously entertaining, both in her confrontation with Tara and her more emotional scene with Eric.

The witches' storyline has taken a turn towards completely justifying Antonia's hatred of vampires. I'm not a big Marnie fan, but it would be worth while to see her cutting loose on Bill and his forces now that she's free and fully given herself to Antonia's control. The one thing that isn't clear about the witches' is if Antonia has a larger agenda than just simple revenge on the vampires. And why did the vampires of the inquisition target her coven in the first place?

It's promising that "True Blood" has hit its stride in the middle of the season. If it can ride this momentum all the way to the end, this could be the best season of the show to date.

Crave Online Rating: 9 out of 10.