Paul – DVD Extras Sneak Peak

We have a sneak peak at some of the Blu-ray/DVD extras from the intergalactic comedy, Paul.

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Paul - DVD

What do you get when you combine an alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) on the run, two nerds from England and two inept FBI agents and their shady boss? What you wind up with is the Greg Mottola directed, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost written and starred, sci-fi buddy comedy Paul.

Just in time for the DVD/Blu-ray release on August 9th we have a collection of clips from the bonus features.


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost featurette – A look at the actors/writers of the film.



Who is That – A clip that features a running joke and gag reel.



Kristen Wiig featurette – A look at the SNL star, who plays Ruth Buggs in the film.



A Comedy with Action Beats – The cast and crew talk about the action elements in the film.



Bill Hader featurette – A look at the SNL star, who plays Agent Haggard in the film.