Top 5 Tuesday: NFL Wide Receivers

Counting down the best to ever play the game.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With the retirement of Randy Moss, if he does stay retired, the NFL loses one of the best wideouts to ever play the game. It's sometimes hard to realize what you had until it's gone. Great players become great before our very eyes and it sometimes takes years to realize their overall value to the game. In an effort to honor Moss's contribution to the game now, while he is still fresh in our memory, here are the top 5 receivers to ever play the game.

And yes, he is on there.

5.Marvin Harrison (Receptions: 1,102 Receiving Yards: 14,580 Receiving TDs: 128 )

Marvin Harrison was one of the most soft spoken, gifted wideouts that ever played the game. In a time and era where it was the norm to be constantly in the spotlight on and off the field, Harrison just came to work and got the job done. Teaming with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Peyton Manning, Harrison flourished under the bond they had and achieved a greatness few ever have attained.

4 Don Hutson (Receptions: 488 Receiving yards: 7,991 TDS: 99)

Don Hudson is the daddy of the modern receiver. In a time that featured mainly the run and used a ball that was more reminiscent to a rugby ball than the modern football, Hudson defied the norm and became the greatest receiver of his era. His stats don't leap off the page but when you consider that the average NFL team passed 5-7 times a game back then, well, you get while they are so great.

3. Chris Carter (Receptions: 1,101 Receiving yards: 13,899 Touchdowns: 130)

If I was building a perfect receiver built upon parts of all the all-time greats, then I would easily choose Chris Carter's hands. He had the greatest set of hands in the history of the NFL and he used them quite frequently for first downs and touchdowns. Known primarily as a possession receiver, Carter was the go to guy for Minnesota when they needed to get it done. He's also apparently a great mentor as well as he helped ease our number 2 guy on this list into the NFL.

2. Randy Moss (Receptions: 954 Receiving yards: 14,858 Receiving touchdowns: 153)

What can you say about Randy Moss but, well, wow. This guy was probably the most gifted wideout of all time. Easily the greatest deep threat of all time, Moss could seem to switch on afterburners at any given time and race by opponents. In his prime, even well past it, there was nobody that could handle this guy even remotely one on one.

1. Jerry Rice (Receptions: 1,549 Receiving Yards: 22,895 Touchdowns: 197)

Simply the best, period, that's what Jerry Rice was. There was no one before and probably will be nobody after that can take over a game like rice could. In an era that produced some of the best players ever, Rice stood out among them for his skill, his work ethic, and his heart. Truly Jerry Rice is the greatest wideout to ever play the game, if not the greatest player.