What’s Happening On The Web This Week: Moon Volcanoes

Bill Nye braves Fox News again, plus here’s your chance to do your part to aid the greatest crisis of all-time: Netflix raising its prices.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Wanna know what’s happening on the web this week? Netflix raised its costs, Bill Nye is at a loss, meet a college frosh, Solid Snake’s a boss and cats make one man cross. Here’s the week in viral:


College Freshman Is Now A Meme

I guess meme-ing is the new hazing. [BuzzFeed]


Netflix Relief Fund

Is “Save White People” on your precious Netflix queue? [FoD]


Bill Nye Dumbfounded By Fox News Anchor’s Moon Volcano Question

He won’t understand until Nye does a parody song about global warming for him. [MediaMatters]


Kawaii Not?

Yours WHOTWTW-ly helped make this anime music video “She’s So Kawaii,” about a scientist who tries to makes his own girlfriend. Can you count all the anime and video game references? 1… 2… uh, a lot. [LSB]


The Official NSFW Song About Cats

Clearly, the singer wishes he was a cat. [TDW]


Join us next week for more links! I wasn’t thinking sausage links, but now that I mention them, I could seriously go for some sausage links right now. Or breakfast of any kind. I wish I hadn’t eaten the last of the shredded wheat, even though there wasn’t any milk in the fridge.


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