HBO Go Coming to Consoles

Like Netflix and Hulu before it, HBO Go will soon be streamable through gaming consoles.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Hell. Yes. During a Time Warner investors call it was announced that HBO Go will eventually be coming to gaming consoles and internet-connected TVs. For those out of the loop, HBO Go is an extension of the HBO subscription that lets you stream all past and present HBO programming to your computer or mobile device. As long as you’re an HBO subscriber through your cable company, you can watch HBO’s entire catalogue of content at your leisure. Yes, that means The Sopranos, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Band of Brothers, Boardwalk Empire and any other HBO series you can think of are all at your fingertips.

After the successful launches of Netflix and Hulu on gaming consoles, it makes sense that HBO would eventually take that plunge as well. However, we have no exact timeframe for when HBO Go can be expected on consoles, nor do we know what systems it will work on. We just know the HBO worker monkeys are hitting things to make it happen.

The other burning question involved with HBO Go coming to consoles is if a subscription to HBO through your cable provider will still be a requirement. As it stands, there is no way to take advantage of HBO Go without first going through Comcast or Verizon (or whatever other cable companies are out there) to get HBO added to your monthly cable bill. I think I can speak for everyone when I say a standalone HBO Go subscription that doesn’t require a cable subscription would be incredible. Honestly, it would be one more reason to cancel your cable subscription and just work off these streaming services on your gaming console for your entertainment fix.

Hopefully we hear more about HBO Go coming to gaming consoles in the near future. The potential for this is absolutely baller.

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