Are You Hungry for New ‘Hunger Games’ Stills?

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth star in this new batch of pictures from the Hunger Games movie.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Do you like Hunger Games? We might if we actually read the damned thing. Seriously, the first book is sitting the desk right now, trying to use guilt to make someone pick it up. It's probably pretty good, but we're busy, damn it. But heck, everyone else likes Hunger Games, it's got a movie coming up from excellent director Gary Ross (Pleasantville, yo) with a very strong young cast including Academ Award-nominee Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, and the new stills Lionsgate just sent out look just fine and dandy, so at some point we'll take a gander.

Until then, all you existing Hunger Games fans enjoy these two new pics from the eagerly awaited movie adaptation!