Lavell Crawford’s “Can A Brother Get Some Love?”

Get the “skinny” on the big man, Lavell Crawford’s new Comedy Central Special here!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

He’s not a man-child. He’s not a take-no-nonsense comic. He’s not particularly angry, sad, or off-the-wall.  He’s just funny… And damn he’s fun to watch. Especially in his new Comedy Central Special, “Can A Brother Get Some Love?”


Check out the trailer here:

You may have seen Lavell Crawford on season five of “Last Comic Standing,” “Breaking Bad,” or, “Chelsea Lately.” But now he’s back in his hometown of St. Louis.

Whether he’s talking about watching “Thundercats” and drinking chocolate milk, Obama’s superpowers, or being robbed by thieves with questionable sexuality, it’s hard not to be absorbed by Lavell’s charm and sweet on-stage character. One of the best parts about his act is that not only does Lavell make us root for him in the stories he tells but, he makes us want to play devil on his shoulder, his mischievous companion that travels alongside him during his act.

There’s no doubting that Mr. Crawford is a big guy both in persona and appearance. But what’s so interesting about watching him perform is that he is not defined by his size (as many hefty comics are) but rather, he owns it. He doesn’t do the, “this is my next joke about food…” or, “growing up fat…” Those bits come and go with the blink of an eye, and after a while, you forget about the physical and you find yourself just listening. He’s one of those very skilled comics who are able to paint a picture well enough to transplant the audience out of the house (or in my case, from behind a screen) and put you in the story with him.

To go along with Lavell’s endearing demeanor – his act is well structured and clips along at a good pace. None of his bits lack originality or sag.

Definitely worth checking out.

Catch the special, “Can a Brother Get Some Love” on Comedy Central, Friday August 12that 11pm.