WILFRED 1.07 ‘Pride’

Pride isn't the only thing that Ryan has to swallow, as Wilfred manipulates him into the bed of an older woman.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "Pride"

Writer: Jason Gann

Director: Randall Einhorn

For the first time in weeks, Ryan (Elijah Wood) acknowledges that he's been burning through his savings by hanging around the house with Wilfred (Jason Gann) and getting high like there's no tomorrow. Ryan's sister, Kristen (Dorian Brown) is sympathetic… to a certain extent. She knows that Ryan needs money, but she wants to him to actually ask for it. And he refuses. Kristen may love her brother, but she clearly still wants to exert some control over his life. 

Unfortunately for Ryan, Wilfred decides that the perfect solution to Ryan's money woes would be to crash his car into another driver's vehicle and sue them. However, Wilfred's victim turns out to be Beth (Jane Kaczmarek), an older woman who has no mercy when Ryan tells her that he's "between insurance companies" after the accident. And as Beth yells at Ryan and demands that he pay for the damages, Wilfred spots the latest love of his life in her car… a stuffed giraffe he calls Raffie.

Wilfred is soon able to convince Ryan that Beth may be open to something more than just compensation. To Ryan's surprise, Beth turns out to be very receptive to his awkward advances and she even likes it when Wilfred slaps her on the ass. She is definitely a cougar on the prowl.

At her home, Beth makes it clear that she wants Ryan to service her sexually. She even has a different persona for herself that she dubs "Beth the bunny." And as Ryan tries to put her off, Wilfred has the time of his life in bed with Raffie. The sequence in which Wilfred tries many sex positions with Raffie was probably the most hilarious moment of the episode.

"Pride" is the second episode that Jason Gann wrote this season, after the infamous installment that dealt with the potential sexual abuse with dogs. In this episode, Gann goes even further by implying that Wilfred pinch hit for Ryan while he was sleeping and — how should I say this? — serviced Beth himself. Yes… in that way.

Implications of bestiality aside, there are renewed hints that Wilfred is just a manifestation of Ryan's subconscious. There's a great moment when Ryan looks at his reflection and sees Wilfred superimposed over him… before realizing that Wilfred is standing on the other side of the glass. If Wilfred is mostly in Ryan's mind, then his latest sexual deviance is a lot easier to accept. Wilfred's description of Raffie's "out of the box" sexual thinking was also really funny. As was his advice for Ryan: "eat or be eaten."

There's something almost sad about Beth's eagerness to continue what she thinks is a sexual relationship with Ryan. In her own way, she's just as broken as he is. Well, except for seeing any anthropomorphic talking animals. And when Ryan attempts to recreate Wilfred's performance, he learns that he was trying on the wrong orifice. That means exactly what you think it means.

This leads to another hilarious moment in which Wilfred is trapped in a gimp suit as he complains that Raffie isn't as new out of the box as he thought. He even convinces Ryan that he'll fill in for him again with Beth if Ryan agrees to have sex with Raffie while Wilfred watches. Ryan lucks out (if you can call it that), when Beth's young son catches him in the act and gives him the excuse he needs to flee the home and crawl back to his sister for the money.

I don't know why Gann seems to be in love with mining comedy from zoophilia. The rest of the episode works pretty well until it goes to that dark area… Maybe I could have put that better. "Wilfred" is a show that likes to take some chances with its comedy, but it doesn't always play as well as it could.

I've found that I actually like the closing the moments of the episodes more than the main stories within. The scenes in which Wilfred and Ryan are just hanging out are a blast. And I loved Wilfred's solution to a bad game of Clue.

"Willfred" doesn't seem to have fully come into its own identity yet. It's still entertaining enough, but I'm not as enamored with it as I was earlier in the season.

Crave Online Rating: 6.5 out of 10.