Equip Yourself With 5 Final Fantasy Parodies

From “Game of Thrones” to Garfield, everyone’s drinking the RPG spoof elixir.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If you’ve spent hundreds of hours playing Final Fantasy role-playing games, you ought to spend a few minutes more enjoying these hilarious RPG take-offs. Something about the turn-based fighting, epic storylines and the fact that there’s a spell called “Meteo” because the developers at Square ran out of characters, have captured the imagination of internet comedians.

*Crazy Zooms!* Get ready, it’s time to defeat these 5 Final Fantasy parodies:

Game of Thrones RPG

I’m sure CollegeHumor and I are in agreement: there simply wasn’t enough medieval humping in Super Nintendo games.


Fast Food RPG

The “Robot Chicken” guys cooked this one up, complete with Sephiroth as a dick boss.


Saved By The Bell RPG

The Fine Bros. not only made a Final Fantasy parody, but also an interactive game. One item you don’t want to use: caffeine pills.


College RPG

This legendary YouTube series from Mark Leung shows what college would be like as a Final Fantasy game. Everyone’s just trying to get some Lust Dagger action, amiright?


Garfield RPG

Last, but definitely not least, Fatal Farm cast a spell over us with their FF interpretation of an old Garfield comic strip. I assume Binky The Clown joins your party about halfway through the game.


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