Marvel Teasers: Fantastic Four and Uncanny X-Men #1

Two new teaser images get our nerdy minds a-thinking about the return of the Fantastic Four, and just who's in the new Uncanny X-Men.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Fantastic Four

Marvel today sent out a pair of teaser images with no added explanation, so we're sharing them with you. 

The Fantastic Four seems to be on its way back this November from Jonathan Hickman, and while some fans of the classic team are likely rejoicing, those of us who are really digging on the sleek and cool look of the Future Foundation are really hoping that doesn't get tossed by the wayside.  It seems like far too much effort has been put into it to throw it into cold storage so soon, and Hickman insisted at Comic-Con that Johnny Storm will remain dead for as long as he's writing the characters.  So if a new Fantastic Four started alongside the Future Foundation, who should be in it?  Maybe the Power Pack could reunite under that banner!  Or maybe if Ben Grimm gets cast aside due to his Worthy involvement (he's never felt at home with the Future Foundation post-Johnny anyway), maybe a new Four will spring up around him.

It's also possible that this is just a teaser for the 50th anniversary issue of Fantastic Four, which Hickman has said will show explicitly how the Human Torch met his end, to put to bed that speculation of 'we never saw the body, so he's not dead.' 

Check out these two new teaser images below for not only the Fantastic Four, but the new cover of Uncanny X-Men #1, where we have to try and guess the characters from their group silhouette.  Feel free to try your hand at it in the comments section below.


Fantastic Four


Uncanny X-Men #1


So who do we got back there?  That's gotta be a Juggernaut head, right?  Are the X-Men taking him back from the Thunderbolts?  Also, there's no mistaking Magneto in the back left.  Who's got the staff and the energy-tendril things?  Who's the guy in the bottom left who somehow brings to mind Nightcrawler, if he wasn't dead?  Then again, maybe it's called X-Men: Regenesis for a reason.  But it's not convincingly Nightcrawler – it could be Warpath or somebody?  No, he'd be burlier.  Maybe it's Moonstar.  No clue.  Let the conjecture begin!