Celebrate Metroid’s 25th Birthday with Free Music

Samus Aran turns 25 this year, so a group of diehard fans compiled a free tribute album.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Currently, the famous Nintendo franchise Metroid is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, unless you’re a diehard Samus lover, you probably didn’t know that. Nintendo has been pulling out all the stops this year to celebrate Zelda’s 25th birthday, leaving Samus Aran in the cold recesses of space. But fans of the Metroid franchise are rallying together across the Internet to ring in Samus’ birthday with a sliver of respectability.

For instance, fan site Shinesparkers has rallied the musically-inclined troops to collaborate on a free Metroid tribute album for fans to download, entitled “Harmony of a Hunter.” The collection features tracks that range from full choir arrangements to metal and techno. It’s quite an eclectic mix of music, all in the name of Nintendo’s fabled bounty hunter series.

The album originally released in early August to sync up with the official 25th birthday of the Metroid franchise, but we’re just catching wind of it now, thanks to Game Informer. Below you can find a link to the album’s official site where you can download the project for free. Enjoy!

Download “Harmony of a Hunter.”