Ricky Williams Signs With Ravens

The talented running back will bolster Baltimore's backfield.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Ricky Williams - Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens may have made the biggest signing of their franchise history when they picked up former Miami running back Ricky Williams for 2 years, $4 million dollars Monday. OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but the Saints still trade away every draft pick plus 2 the next season back in 1999 for the talented running back, so there has to be something there.

Anyway, the signing of Williams gives the Ravens a better option at number 2 RB than they have had in previous years and should go a long way to help improve an offense that had been inconsistent on the ground the past few years. Just by putting his name on the contract, he has energized the often anemic Baltimore offense and has them excited for the year to come.

"It gives us a proven playmaker, an outstanding runner, an outstanding receiver and an outstanding pass protector," offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said. "He knows this system and he has played extremely well in this system."

Williams will backup the talented Ray Rice and will prove a nice change of pace from the shifty Rice. Having split time with Ronnie Brown the past couple of years, Williams should be in a good mental state in regards to his role on this team. The veteran presence of such a talented runner should also help the young Rice to realize his potential.

"He's a veteran that brings a lot of leadership," Rice said. "I'm looking to learn a lot from him. I'm looking forward to working with him."

Getting back to the 'mental state' aspect of Williams, who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, which was treated successfully with therapy and medication, the Ravens expect no problem integrating Williams into their system.

"I think those things are way, way, way in the past," Cameron said. "My relationship, my experience with him, there is no risk, but we're all human. There's risk with everybody. We all make mistakes. Ricky's not perfect, but I know he's got a great heart and he's a great football player."

If the Ravens can get a motivated Williams, then he could be the key addition that puts them over the top in the AFC North.

Photo credit – AP