T.G.I.M.! #120

Three Cheers for Dan Uggla.

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It's official, the streak is over.

Dan Uggla, the most unlikely player to ever hit for more than 30 straight games, saw his streak end at 33 Sunday as his Atlanta Braves fell to the Chicago Cubs 6-5. Uggla, who began this streak with a batting average of .173 and ended it at .231, is now the proud owner of the longest hitting streak in the MLB since 2006. In 2006, Philadelphia's Chase Utley had a 35 game streak.

And though the loss of the streak is getting the attention, it's the loss of the game that has Uggla annoyed.

"The streak is one thing. I'm more disappointed in the loss," Uggla said. "It was a fun run but all things have got to come to an end sometime. I had fun with it. We had a nice, little roll as a team and we're looking to get back on track tomorrow."

Uggla almost saw his streak extended in the fifth inning when he hit a ball to shallow right field that looked like it was going to drop for a single. But before it could land, Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney made a diving, fulling extended, catch to rob Uggla of the hit.

"I wasn't even looking at him," said Uggla of Barney. "I was looking at [Cubs right fielder Tyler] Colvin and I was like 'Oh, it's going to drop in front of him.' And the next thing you know Barney comes flying through."

Though the streak came to an end, Uggla left a lasting impression with his teammates and helped the Braves through some rough times with his hitting.

"For me, it's impressive," said Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez. "It was a streak where at any given time Chipper [Jones] wasn't in the lineup and Brian McCann wasn't in the lineup, and Uggla carried us. That was impressive."

While Uggla missed the all-time streak record of 56 set my Joe DiMaggio back in 1942, he did pass the all-time Atlanta Braves hit streak mark of 31 set by Rico Carty back in 1970. The franchise record, however, is 37 and was set by Tommy Holmes for the 1945 Boston Braves.