Does Wonder Woman Have Pants in Justice League #3?

Find out if DC's re-depantsing of Wonder Woman is still the case three issues into the newly revamped origin of the premiere superteam.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League #3

Much has been made (and I have made much) about the DC's decision to once again remove the recently added pants to the work clothes of Wonder Woman, the most iconic female superhero of all time.  In fact, that decision came so late in the game that the first solicitations of the New 52's Justice League and Wonder Woman comics featured her in pants, which really helped give her a bit more gravitas to her look.  Then, for some reason, those pants were digitally doffed in the newer preview images.  Is that going to be the plan going forward, then?  The First Lady of Comics back in the swimsuit?

According to the new preview image for Justice League #3… yep, she has no pantalones.


Justice League #3


Before we make too much of this, though, this new Geoff Johns/Jim Lee Justice League origin is supposed to take place about 4.5 years ago or something like that, and perhaps Wonder Woman #1 is the same deal, and she's still a rookie.  Maybe she realizes the utility of pants once she gets firmly entrenched in her superhero career.  Then again, this might just be a gams thing.