Top 10 Canadian Beaches

Beach days in Canada?  Hell yes!

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

While many people wouldn't think to put "Canada" and "beach" in the same sentence, there are a number of idyllic beaches that stretch alongside endless oceans and lakes. With no shortage of fun people, activities and planned events, don't waste any more time during the last dwindling weeks of summer – check out one (or a few) of these top 10 Canadian beaches.

Long Beach, BC
Situated about three hours away from Nanaimo, and with picturesque views of land and sea, Long Beach has been called one of the best places to visit on Vancouver Island.

Wasaga Beach, ON
Just two hours north of Toronto, Wasaga's freshwater beach is not only packed with sun worshippers but it also plays host to a number of outdoor concerts every year.

Îles de la Madeleine, QC
Take in the surf and sand of the St. Lawrence Gulf at Îles de la Madeleine, which is comprised of 12 individual islands. There's also great fishing in the area.

Kitsilano Beach, BC
Home to the longest outdoor saltwater swimming pool in the country, Kitsilano Beach also boasts several volleyball courts, a playground, nearby restaurants, and loads of trendy locals.

Parlee Beach, NB
Part of a provincial park, Parlee Beach always has warm water, swimming, volleyball, football, and even an annual sandcastle building competition.

Sandbanks Beach, ON
Wanna know what's great about Sandbanks? The giant sand dunes and golden beaches that form two of the largest freshwater baymouth sandbars in the world on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Grand Beach, MB
Grand Beach Provincial Park in the middle of the prairie provinces is a sight to be seen – located on Lake Winnipeg,  it's been a popular Canadian beach since the 1920s.

Wreck Beach, BC
A clothing-optional beach that is always packed with easy-going fun-loving people, Wreck is 7.8 kilometres long and leads to 200-foot high cliffs.

Martinique Beach, NS
Another protected provincial park beach, Martinique is a beautiful white-sand beach located around 11 kilometres south of Musquodoboit Harbour.

Devonshire Beach, AB
Just a few miles away from Slave Lake, the largest body of water in the province, Devonshire has white sands and an incredible beach-viewing platform.