Watch Us Play: God of War: Origins Collection

Tiny Kratos gets blown up…

Erik Norris & Joey Davidsonby Erik Norris & Joey Davidson

God of War: Origins Collection

This week, Erik Norris and Joey Davidson team up to briefly talk God of War and the God of War: Origins Collection due for the PlayStation 3 on September 13th.

If you watch, you'll noticed we elected to don one of the armors earned by beating the game. So, don't be put off if Kratos looks all Legionnaire-esque, we meant it that way. We dive into the first few minutes of the title and give you a glimpse of what some of the best in the God of War franchise have to offer.

As we recommend in the clip, if you love GOW and you've never had a PSP, this is your chance to snag two stellar games in the franchise. Landing this collection won't be a mistake.

 Watch us play God of War: Origins Collection in HD.

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