Is Tweeting to Blame for Logan Morrison’s Demotion?

The Florida Marlins outfielder was sent down to the minors last weekend and Twitter could be to blame.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

At 56-65, it’s no big secret that the bottom dwelling Florida Marlins stink.  The team has stopped selling seats in the upper deck of Sun Life Stadium and is about as popular as Carlos Zambrano right now in Chicago but there has been one breath of fresh air for the Marlins – outfielder Logan Morrison.

The 23-year-old moved quickly through the minor leagues last season before the Marlins called him up due to injuries Florida was battling.  While Morrison was making a name for himself on the diamond, he was also becoming quite popular in the social networking world of Twitter.  To date, he has 60,000 followers but that number could plummet drastically after he was sent down to Triple-A New Orleans on Saturday.

Morrison had struggled since the All-Star break, hitting just .200 which caused his average to slip to .249 but he ranks second on the team in home runs with 17 and third in RBIs with 60.  However, none of these stats could have anything to do with his demotion.

"We just thought it was in the best interests of Logan to go down and concentrate on baseball and all aspects of being a major leaguer, and work his way back," Marlins GM Larry Beinfest said Sunday.

Beinfest could be hinting to the increase in tension surrounding Morrison and the team’s front office.  Back in May, he voiced publicly on his Twitter account of his displeasure with the Marlins firing hitting coach John Mallee.  The Marlins reacted with a stern lashing for his use of Twitter, at which point he changed his profile picture to a cartoon of him with the word ‘censored’ over his mouth.

“I've told Logan, no one will care about his tweets if they're coming from New Orleans,” team president David Samson said back in May.

Skipping a team-sponsored event with season-ticket holders on Saturday was the final straw and hours later he was sent down.  Since the decision, several members of the Marlins’ family have voiced displeasure in Morrison’s demotion.

"It was a perfect time for them to do it because we're out of (the race). I'll tell you what, though: If we're close to the Braves right now, I'll bet you they don't make that move,” one player anonymously told the Palm Beach Post.

With the Marlins’ playoff hopes gone, the team is looking ahead to next season, which includes a new state of the art stadium.  The team wants to begin to move in the right direction and hopes this series of events serves as a wakeup call to the young, promising outfielder.  Will he change and calm down with his borderline R-rated social media comments in the future?  It is unlikely.

Morrison failed to comment on the situation but responded to fans on Sunday, tweeting: “Thx guys 4 all of ur kind words & support. Really means a lot! A bend in the road isnt the end of the road…unless u fail 2 make the turn."

Photo courtesy of The Associated Press.