Marvel Teasers: Nightcrawler Returns

One more Shattered Heroes teaser, and we find out just who X-Force is bringing back from the Age of Apocalypse.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Shattered Heroes

Most of these teasers haven't been telling us much of anything.  But today's teaser for Uncanny X-Force is hinting at a significant line-up change.  Not only do Wolverine and Archangel seem to be gone from the group silhouette, but the only one not blacked out is the Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler, which means that's the guy they're going to drag back from their current sojourn into that particular reality.  So the 616 Nightcrawler remains dead, but there's at least one blue fuzzy elf bamfing about the universe this time – although this one is a lot more of an ass.  Take a look.

Uncanny X-Force


So here's the guess – the whole Psylocke/Fantomex thing leads Warren to ditch them all, while the fact that Wolverine has to lead his own new team of X-Men means he can't waste time on a black-ops hit squad, but he'll still sanction them.  No idea why the three members we know (Psylocke, Deadpool and Fantomex) are blacked out, but maybe this is almost mocking the whole X-Men: Regenesis campaign.

Meanwhile, the third Shattered Heroes tease came out today, and it's just a picture of a broken hammer.  Nothing special, but a neat image.  Will Thor actually lose his big ol' hammer Mjolnir?  Or will it get some kinda fancy-pants upgrade?  We'll see.


Shattered Heroes


UPDATE:  Here's a third teaser for today.  Some hint about the Scarlet Spider?  He's already dead, right?  I guess, since the Jackal's behind Spider Island, maybe he'll come back.


Spider Island