Historectomy Episode 1 – Caligula

Christian Krauspe and Sam Weller take the "History" out and insert "Humor"! This episode covers mad Roman emperor Caligula.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

A new comedy podcast by resident history expert Christian Krauspe and ace boy reporter Sam Weller.

Christian takes a good look at the strange and wonderful throughout history, B.C. and A.D., and after learning a little, we completely gut the concept and make jokes and improvise.

It's like listening to your friends talk, except we are incredibly funny and enjoyable to listen to.

Our first episode is about the mad Roman emperor Caligula. We cover his difficult childhood, rise to power, and finally answer the question if he was horse lover or not. We also discuss: Jesus being in an indy rock band with the Apostles, disgruntled Roman soldiers, and Jeremy Irons involvement in the Lion King as well as the 1970's "Caligula" porno movie with Helen Mirren. Oh my!

Enjoy, and drop a comment, let us know what you want covered in future episodes!



Reference Material:
The Original 1979 trailer for Bobby G's "Caligula" If you want a real head trip wait til the end so you find out how many venerable actors starred in this insanity…