Zack Snyder’s Superman Doesn’t Wear Underpants!

Behind the scenes shots of Man of Steel confirm that Henry Cavill won't be sporting the classic red underoos.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Otherwise unimpressive behind the scenes shots of Man of Steel revealed today, once and for all, that this ain't your daddy's Superman. For one thing, your daddy's Superman wore red speedos outside his clothes. Zack Snyder's Superman… not so much. Kind of ironic, considering this is the same director who brought us the shirtless loin cloth brigade in 300.

These shots, which also feature Antje Traue and Michael Shannon as Kryptonian baddies Faora and General Zod, are a little blurry but obviously detail some kind of face-off on a normal city street. We like Traue's costume but are intrigued by the fact that Shannon's playing the scene in a motion capture suit. What are they going to do to him, exactly? Don't Kryptonians look human? Does he have a special suit or is Snyder going to blow him up to twice his size or something.

Anyway, enjoy the pics courtesy of Man of Steel's Facebook page (via Ain't It Cool), where you can also see more Behind the Scenes pictures.